Comedy Store San Diego

Stay classy San Diego, I cant start this short piece without saying this phrase..

So while on a business trip unrelated to entertainment I decided to drop in on a open mic at the famous Comedy Store, hears what I found, it seems that no matter where you go you find that open micer's are the same rag tag outlanders as they are everywhere , the comedy store is in the middle of what seems to be a very expensive high end neighborhood (la hoya) that I kept mispronouncing due to some kind quasi Spanish humorist inside my head. I approached the front of the club and instantly recognized to aspiring performers of the evening . we all stood out like sore thumbs because no one looked like they belonged any ware in particular ( during which a drag queen in swimsuit strolled by so I felt like 1995 times square for a minute)The club was dark and intimate which is great but I cant imagine a large crowd there as there seems to be nothing in the area that would draw that kind of random traffic. the mic was run by a cheerful MC that had a very strong resemblance to Richard Pryor but there was no audience except for open Mic'ers, there for silence of the lambs and crickets for a good hour during everyone set, one odd exception was that there was a live music intro for all that graced the stage and left the stage, as the night continues and actual show began a few audience members straggled into the end of the open mic and I was not fortunate enough to go towards the end so as perform for actual humans.This reconfirms that performing at open mics is detrimental for your material or stand up unless you have real audience at the mic which does happen on occasion but rarely. In addition this has happened to me , actuall material that has tremendouse potentiol can be shot down and destroyed by the defining silence and material that makes no sens to anyone except the insiders at the help wiill recieve huge laughs but completly fail during a real show because lets face it most comics are odd balls and they only laugh at the very inside joke that few people wiill get unless they know the performer personally.

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